We pride ourselves on meeting the unique fueling needs of every customer.

No matter the size of the project, TFS will design a customized program to meet the specific fueling needs of your job. Our customers can rely on us to strive for safe delivery on time every time.

Additions in our commercial and industrial services include, but not limited to, refinery turnaround 24 hour fueling service to include on site trucks and operators. TFS will also provide at no charge, rent or sell bulk storage tanks, allowing customers to achieve cost savings through our competitive pricing.

Fleet Services

No matter if you have a fleet of 1 or 10,000, TFS has the supply and service capabilities to handle all your fleets petroleum needs. Whether you have 1 or multiple yards, we can furnish all of the equipment needed to house your bulk fuel and lubricants facility with inventory tracking.

This will allow your trucks to skip the line at the truck stops and eliminate the potential liability of damaged equipment in a busy parking lot. Buying bulk yard fuel and lubricants can also bring some cost savings to your business, and help you bring more value to your company's bottom line.

Wet Hosing

TFS can provide a 1000-4500 gallon Fuel Truck to any of your jobs to fuel all equipment on location. Whether its Clear Diesel, Dye Diesel, or Unleaded fuel, we have the capabilities to handle all your wet-hosing needs


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TFS is ready to handle all of your petroleum management needs quickly, efficiently, and safely.